So these two girls have been like sisters to me for the past… oh fifteen years or so? Our younger siblings met in mothers day out nursery school and became best friends. Then our moms became best friends. And our families have been pretty much inseparable since then. I feel like Paige and Rachael have changed so much over the years, but then in other ways they haven’t changed at all. I think they look exactly the same, just taller and they wear makeup now. Then when I think about their personalities, maybe they really haven’t changed that much. Paige is still the same thoughtful, caring, artistic girl she’s always been. Rachael is still the same goofy, loud, smart and sweet girl she has always been too. Or maybe that’s just how I will always look at them. I think I will always see them as crazy little kids running around the house, playing games, jumping in the pool, laughing, and just being kids. It’s hard to believe they are starting their senior year of high school tomorrow!

I am so proud of Paige and Rachael and all they have accomplished… and will continue to accomplish. I am in complete AWE of both of them. I really think artistically speaking, there isn’t anything Paige cannot do. There is nothing she isn’t fantastic at. Whether it is drawing, painting, photographing, designing, etc, it seems like anything she tries her hand at, she is a natural. I know she will have a career doing something artistic, probably many different artistic things. She really is a Renaissance woman. Then on top of all that, she spends a ton of her time with her horse, Milan… who you will see featured in a lot of these photos!

Then there’s Rachael, who I am equally impressed with and proud of. This girl decided to do something quite out of the ordinary in a city slicker high school. She joined FFA and has gone on to become the president! She has raised all kinds of animals and is constantly traveling around the state for competitions (many of which she has won), rodeos, and meetings. And of course spending a ton of time at the barn caring for her animals… right now a heifer named Dixie and a steer named Peanut. I really don’t know how she juggles all of that while at the same time being a spectacular student. There is no doubt in my mind she will not only be accepted into Texas A&M, but also sail through her classes and go on to succeed in whatever field she chooses.

Love you beautiful girls!