Here are my favorites from Erin and Brandon’s wedding last weekend at Memory Lane in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Erin and Brandon are two adorable eye doctors who are as sweet as they can be. And their wedding was equally sweet. The weather was perfect, everyone was happy, and everything was gorgeous. Despite Brandon being very ill that morning and having to go to an urgent care clinic, brothers and dads running late for pictures, a huge flower arrangement toppling over on the sign-in table, the wedding was perfectly wonderful. Some brides and grooms can get so caught up in the stress of the wedding day that they almost glide through it without really taking everything in and realizing the magnitude of their wedding day. And yes, I am the pot calling the kettle black. “Are all of the candles lined up perfectly in a row? Are those flowers perfectly proportioned? Are each of my eyelashes flawless?” But I observed Erin and Brandon to both be emotionally present that day. While they enjoyed the company of their dear family and friends, their focus remained on each other and the amazing covenant they were to make with each other that day. Erin and Brandon, it was an honor. I hope you enjoy the photos!