I can’t even handle how incredibly cute Abby is. She is just so joyful and full of smiles / giggles! I got to photograph her when she was about 6-7 months old, so I was absolutely delighted when her mommy and daddy asked me to do a one year shoot. Take a look at the last photo… OMG it cracks me up so much. Sadie, her “big sister,” wanted to be in a picture… so she and Abby made matching faces for me! You know how people say dogs look like their owners…? I think you will see the truth in that if you scroll down! Such beauties!

PS: This shoot was done right before Christmas, but after the great “ice-pocalyspe” of 2013. It was like 38 degrees and pouring rain on this Saturday morning. I had to do this shoot in Tyler and Amy’s garage, close enough to the outside to let the natural light in. So I sat in the driveway in the icy cold rain… on a scrap piece of cardboard… with a broken umbrella propped on my head… making funny noises and singing silly songs to get Abby to smile. By looking at these images, would you have ever guessed that??? So despite the awful rain and cold weather, this turned out to be one of my FAVORITE photo shoots. Thank you, Abby, for your joyous smile!