Roxy and Mark are one of my favorite couples ever. Maybe my number one favorite. I shot their engagement photos and wedding back in the Spring of 2011. Their wedding was my favorite wedding I have ever photographed. I told them that several times during and after their wedding. They were so gracious, appreciative, and trusting. I know I function best as a photographer when I feel like I am trusted and my client has faith in my talent. Plus Roxy was just the most wonderful, fun, laid back bride. She knew I would take care of her, and she took care of me. We would look at each other from across a room of five hundred guests and both be laughing at the same thing. I absolutely fell in love with them. So much so, that I clawed my way into a wonderfully close friendship with Roxy. But I think it was mutual ;o)

Anyway, we have been close ever since their wedding and now they are having a BABY! I already know what amazing parents Roxy and Mark are going to be. They both have always had maternal and paternal instincts with their first child (Midas the dog). Roxy and Mark are definitely one of those complementary couples. I wouldn’t say they are opposite by any means, but they have some yin and yang qualities to their personalities. That will certainly come in handy when they become parents and their world is chaotic.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite images from their “gender reveal” maternity session I did last week. Harper, you are one lucky girl! You have the coolest parents EVER!!!













For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dallas… the city has placed these B_G’s all over the city. The concept is to stand between the B and the G so it spells “BIG”. As in “Big things are happening in Dallas.” That’s the clever little slogan. Clearly Don Draper had his hand in this gimmick. Anyway, I thought it would be cute to have Roxy stand in front of these B_G’s for her pregnancy progression photos. “Big things are happening in Roxy’s tummy!” Yes, thank you, I’m brilliant. ;o)




PS: below is one of my favorite engagement photos of Roxy & Mark! See??? Already such loving parents!