I got the call to photograph Caroline’s senior portraits at literally the last minute… my best photographer friend unfortunately had a family emergency and I was able to swoop in, thank goodness. I had about thirty minutes to make use of the quickly fading autumn evening light. Caroline and her mom had lots of props and outfits but I pretty much told her to pick her one favorite outfit and one favorite prop and let’s get moving! Caroline was so mellow and so photogenic! Especially with her guitar. Love it! Turns out Caroline is a lot like me in several ways, but mainly in the respect that we are both obsessed with Colorado! And one other big one… little brother Henry came along for the shoot and it turns out the age difference between Henry and Caroline is the same as myself and my little sister. Caroline’s demeanor towards Henry reminded me so much of mine toward my sister. Always wondering if he was safe / happy / entertained while big sister had to do her thing. De ja vu for sure. Here are some of my faves of sweet Caroline…










These are Caroline’s adventure shoes… I would imagine they’ve seen a lot of hikes in the mountains of Colorado, some two-stepping, and some high school football games! Good luck, Caroline in your college adventures, whichever university you may choose!